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We've Trained Thousands with Our Driving Course for Teenagers

Let our friendly and experienced  staff train you to be a confident driver with teen driving school

Teen student driver smiling after completing driving course

Driving School for Teenagers

We know how important it is for teens to get on the road – often, it can feel like the first true step into adulthood. 

At My First Drive, it is about more than just getting you the license.  We want to make sure that you are prepared for a lifetime of driving. This means going above and beyond at every step so that when you do take (and pass) your Texas driving road test, you are genuinely ready for whatever comes next.

We understand that at times it can be a bit challenging to follow DPS requirements to obtain a teen driver's license in Texas. But, no worries! We will hold your hand and guide you through driving lessons for teenagers.  

Need help selecting the right  teen course? Give us a call at 832-975-1950.

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Steps to Obtaining Texas Teens Driver License

  • Sign up for a driving course for teenagers with our teen driving school

  • Complete at least 6 hours (32 total) hours of training

  • Obtain the learner license (driving permit)

  • Begin in-vehicle training at My First Drive

  • Complete the remaining 26 hours of classroom training 

  • Complete 14 hours of in-vehicle driving lessons for teenagers

  • Log 30 hours of additional training with a licensed adult.

  • Obtain ITYD Certificate online at ITD site.

  • Take the Texas drivers road test at our teen driving school

Have questions about teen driver ed? Give us a call at 832-975-1950.