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Behind The Wheel Driving Lessons For Teens & Adults

Private driving lessons for teens and adults  in Richmond, TX and Sugar Land, TX

A teen girl holding keys while she is about to take a behind the wheel driving lesson

Behind the Wheel Driving Lessons

Regardless of whether you are a new teen driver who needs behind the wheel driving lesson or a teen that has been driving a little while and need to hone in on certain skills, My First Drive driving school is here to help.


Driving is a serious responsibility.  Our friendly driving instructors are experienced in providing teen drivers behind the wheel training in such a way that makes them comfortable driving and builds their confidence.  This prepares the teen not just for the DPS road test but for a lifetime of safe and confident behind-the-wheel driving.


 Check out various behind the wheel driving options below. Or call us if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for.

a busy highway where teens learn to drive

Private Driving Lessons for Teens

Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations (TDLR) requires that in addition to of the 32-hour classroom course – which can be taken online-  teens must also complete 44 hours of in-car driving lessons.  There are two main methods of completing these requirements: Instructor-led and Parent Taught. 


Both are similar as far as classroom and behind the wheel requirements are concerned.  The difference is in who delivers the training to the teen.  Continue reading below to understand the differences between instructor-led and parent-taught options for teenagers.

Instructor Led Behind the Wheel Lessons

As the name implies instructor led driver education is taught by TDLR certified professional driving instructor associated a TDLR approved behind the wheel driving school. 

This method requires 32 hours of classroom training which can be taken online with My First Drive driving school.  As far as behind the wheel driving lessons, teen students are required to take 14 (7/7) hours of in-car training with a school driving instructor – 7 of which are observing another student drive and 7 of which are actually behind the wheel and driving the vehicle. 

In addition to 7/7 mentioned above, student must also log 30 hours of behind the wheel driving lessons with a parent or legal guardian.


 Additional driving hours beyond 7/7 taken with the driving school can help complete some of the 30 hours requirements.

A male teen at a behind the wheel lesson
a teen listening to an online drivers ed course

Parent Taught Driver Ed (PTDE)

If you are a teenager or parent of a teenager who lives in Texas, then you have probably heard the term “parent taught” when it comes to driving lessons for teens.

Parent-taught driver education (PTDE) is a Texas program that allows teen students to fulfill their required 32 classroom hours through an online provider – which we offer at My First Drive - while completing their behind-the-wheel training with a parent or legal guardian.  


This option does not restrict the teen from taking driving lessons from a behind the wheel driving school like My First Drive if the teen needs additional private driving lessons or practice.

In order to be eligible for PTDE program, the student must be between age of 14 and 17 and meet certain eligibility criteria set by TDLR. The parent or legal guardian that will take responsibility of conducting behind the wheel driving lessons meet also meet specific qualifications and requirements.

For a parent to be eligible to qualify for PTDE, a parent or legal guardian must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • The parent or legal guardian must hold a valid drivers license.

  • The parent or legal guardian  must never have had a DWI on their driving record.

  • The parent or legal guardian must not have had their  drivers license revoked during the last three years.

  • The parent or legal guardian must not have more than six points on  driving record.

Teen and Adult Driving Lessons

At My First Drive, you will find a team of friendly and experienced driving instructors and staff that is ready to guide you through the entire Texas driver's education process.

Located minutes from Aliana, Harvest Green, Candela, Telfair, and New Territory, our Driving School primarily serves Sugar Land, TX and Richmond, TX. 

Driving schools for teens and adults doesn't need to be burdensome with multiple places to visit. We provide everything you need to obtain a Texas driver's license including 32 hour course for teens, 6 hour course for adults, behind-the-wheel driving lessons as well as the Texas DPS road test, offered through our partner driving school.

As a local driving school in Sugar Land, we are proud to contribute to the success of our young students at neighboring FBISD High Schools, including Stephen F. Austin, William B. Travis High School, Kempner High School, as well as Harmony Public Schools in the area.   Ask about our special pricing for these schools.

Whether you have a question or need to sign up for a course, driving lesson, or road test, please feel free to contact us at 832-975-1950.

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